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There will be 3 Tiers of Baskets:
  • Ages 1-4
  • Ages 5-9
  • Ages 10-14

I will do my best for boy and girl options for all ages. I am trying to keep things neutral for the younger 2 basket options, but will come up with different ideas based on demand.

Here is an example of the Girls 10-14 Basket. Expect the other 2 baskets to have a comparable amount of items, geared towards the appropriate ages.

  • Bracelet - "Nothing Can Stop You" or "Best is Yet to Come"
  • Sleep Bunny Socks
  • Sleep Bunny Coin Purse
  • Lip Gloss Set
  • Mixologie Lotion (in a new scent)
  • Peeps Bath Bomb
  • Holographic Makeup Pouch
  • Mini Bow Scrunchie
  • Bead Hair Clip
  • Easter Grass

Products MAY vary...but this is what I am aiming for. It will make for a really nice basket. I am trying to stay away from a ton of candy...but there might be 1 or 2 pieces in the younger baskets. And if I need Boys 10-14...there might be some in there as well.

Please trust that I will only include items that I would give as gifts myself (and plan to give my girls the same items as I will be sending you!)