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Hydra Shower Burst Duo


The hydraAromatherapy Shower Burst® Duo turns your shower into a luxurious at-home spa experience. When activated by the water and humidity in your shower, the Shower Burst® tablets release 100% pure essential oils for a true aromatherapy experience.


Each box includes two Shower Burst® tablets, a reusable sachet and instructions for use.


Clarity is a soothing blend of Eucalyptus & Peppermint essential oils.

Cold/Flu Buster is a comforting blend of Eucalyptus & Lemon essential oils.


Travel to an oasis for the mind, body, and spirit with a blend of Ylang Ylang and Litsea essential oils. Ylang Ylang produces a soft, floral, sweet scent and is used to alleviate stress, improve mood and known for its beautifying properties. Litsea essential oil lifts and soothes the spirits. It it known for it's benefits for skin care, as well as the digestive, immune, and nervous systems. Get swept away with the Shower Burst® Duo in Escape.

Headache Buster is a releasing blend of Peppermint & Lemon essential oils.

Relax is a peaceful blend of Lavender & Bergamot essential oils.

Stress Buster is a blend of Lemongrass & Ylang Ylang essential oils.